Giochi taggati con: spot the difference

Saloon Robbery Saloon was robbed and we need to find out where these robbers are heading next.
0 0   55   Puzzle   0
New Sushi Bar I bought that old Japanese restaurant. Help me clean it up...
0 0   47   Puzzle   0
Fire in a Hotel There is a huge fire in a hotel downtown. One of the guests refuses to leave without her things.
0 0   58   Puzzle   0
Dragon Hunters The dragons from raiding our lands again. Go out there and retrieve those jewels.
0 0   55   Puzzle   0
Cooking Contest That big cooking contest is today? I forgot my things, including my secret cookbook.
0 0   58   Arcade   0
Neighborhood Burglar Everybody likes your new neighbor. But... burglaries have been happening all around.
0 0   49   Puzzle   0